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Mulch Bed & Weed Barrier Installation

Mulch Bed & Weed Barrier Installation

Mulch Bed & Weed Barrier Installation

Mulching is a highly beneficial process that aims to apply a layer of material on the surface of your garden’s soil. This method requires an adequate thickness, ranging from two to four inches, depending on the size of your garden plants or beds. The choice of material should be carefully determined, and it should be laid over the top layer of soil surrounding the plants.

Mulching offers fantastic benefits that make it an essential part of your lawn care plan. It plays an enormous role in:

  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Retains soil moisture.
  • Prevents water evaporation (especially in the summer).
  • Helps keep soil temperature cooler and more consistent.
  • Adds a decorative touch to your beds and garden.

Finally, mulch helps maintain an attractive and uniform appearance for your flower beds and garden.

Yard Boss Lawn Care can help to maintain your landscape and keep it looking beautiful all year long. Our mulching services can help create living soil so you can grow healthy plants and keep weeds at bay.

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